“Creative” Dating in Tucson

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Since Tucson is rapidly developing city that is becoming one of the big dating spots in South-West of the country, then it is time to learn where to go, eat and have fun while dating in Tucson! The city boasts of marvelous selection of Mexican restaurants and Old Western traditions preserved in its history. If you plan a date in Tucson, then consider the following dating destinations.

If you are heading for a first date in Tucson, why not hanging out near the University of Arizona, where you can check book stores, funky stores and clothes boutiques. These places are to provide perfect topics for conversations with your date.

If you want a piece of history on your date, then explore the Congress Street. You can also have a cup of coffee at Cup Café situated in the Hotel Congress. This place is also very popular among locals for its fantastic homemade deserts. Thus, you can try and add some sweetness to your date!

For a laidback and natural date, you can choose Tucson Botanical Gardens. Here you can enjoy not only the smell of roses and the greenery, but also attend one of the special events featuring such ideas as scarecrows, pre-historic gardens and butterflies.

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If you look for a picnic date, then have it in Himmel Park that is voted to have the best playground in the city. You can discover a child in you and your date after a nice meal with wine on fresh air. The Gigantico Slide of Death may even scare your date, so get your arms ready to comfort her. )

If you need some more energy, then why not heading to the ‘Gaslight’ a great venue featuring ragtime music, honky-tonk theater, pizza and ice-cream.

For a classical date, you can choose ‘North’ for its sexy atmosphere with splendid Italian cuisine.

A very romantic date can be a night spent by the foot of the Santa Catalina Mountains. Here you can enjoy the view of the area and dine at Anthony’s in the Catalinas.onswexdate

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Having a good laugh on your date is a good sign for the continuation of your relationship. So, why don’t you two visit a local comedy club? Look on the web for comedy clubs available in Lexington-Fayette area.

You can think of having a casual date together by visiting Lexington-Fayette zoo and meander through latest animal exhibition.

For a more active and energetic date you can go bowling or playing pool. You can bring friends for more fun, if you wish to. Amusement parks are another option for a fun and energetic day out. Roller coasters, cotton candy and colorful sights will make a truly fun and entertaining day together. You will learn much about each other and have long pleasant talks.

You two can relax after a long walking week holding hands watching the latest movie at local cinema or enjoying a performance at multiple theaters Lexington-Fayette has to offer. This, however, is not the best idea for the first date.

Thus, Lexington-Fayette offers a great selection of date venues for anyone.

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