How does Tinder work – 3 basic principles of online hookups

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Tinder is the most popular for adult dating online. Yet, it has pros and cons and somewhat differs from other modern hookup apps. Here are some of those differences and how to deal with them.


Tinder doesn’t restrict the users to post their own photos only, one can hide his eyes behind the sunglasses or post some fun photo. But then it loses all the sense as others cannot rate you.

In any case, Tinder doesn’t help much with anonymity, doesn’t delete the chat history after 60 mins or 24 hours, doesn’t have the panic button. Tinder is rather for transparent, non-anonymous hookups.

Sex positivity

All modern adult dating apps gather sex positive adults in their database. They share their favorite kinks and preferred sexual experiments, having nearly no taboos or dislikes at all.

Taking that Tinder is mostly for youngsters and teenagers, they aren’t that experienced yet and their expectations are less kinky. Yet, Tinder is potentially for sex positive and open-minded folks.

Instant hookups

Most of naughty personals want to get laid briefly, on the very same evening. Tinder serves this need perfectly. All users report they hookuped shortly after registering or re-entering the app.




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