How To Be Romantic When Having Sex With Cougars

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Beauty cougar datingSo I’m assuming you’ve got your hands on a cougar dating guide and landed a sugar mama all for yourself. Now is the time to build up the excitement and keep her interested in you, because you have to remember the cardinal rule in cougar dating; they move on if left unsatisfied. So it is totally up to you to come up with innovative ideas while in bed with her.

First and foremost, you need to choose a safe and unobtrusive place to carry out your activities. It won’t help matters if her husband arrives on the door with a sledgehammer in his hands. A remote hotel or a motel is a good place for such clandestine affairs. This will enhance her sense of expectancy as well as increase the thrill of the matter. Cougars dating younger men are generally in the age group of thirty five to forty, and you can expect them to be pretty sharp with their tongue, because a lot of them are successful professionals used to boardrooms. You need to gently ease the conversation back to bedroom basics, and start off with setting up the ambience and mood with some music of her genre, which will probably be good old rock and roll, considering her age and the times when she was an avid music groupie.

If she likes being read to, get under the bed sheets start off on her favourite book while she starts with a hand job for you. Not only will it arouse you but also pique her, as she’ll find it quite interesting to find herself with someone who can keep his mind diverted while starting with sex. After the first couple of chapters, I do not think there are much chances of the story progressing as she jumps upon you with unrestrained passion and tears off your clothes while you do the same to her. Let the night do the talking.cougar dating guide

Another way to get romantic is over her favourite drink. You need to have a drinking session beforehand without sex on your mind in order to gauge her ability to consume alcohol and remain lucid as well. The second time is when things get a bit more interesting. Women generally love cocks and cocktails, and while you can’t do much about the former, try to pick up a few recipes for the drinks. Very soon, you’ll find yourself staring at a pair of stretched out legs, and a luscious cave with all the supplies your hungry member needs.

Some older women looking for younger men prefer to spend some “warm up” time watching their favourite soaps on television. Do indulge them, as rewards are bound to follow. A home delivered pizza and some Coke will give you the extra pep needed to handle her in bed as she plays out her fantasies with you.


Cougar Dating Tips

If you’re returning from a nightclub to her pad, put on some music on the car speakers and let your hands wander, not your eyes. It’s surely going to turn her on like hell.