How to Find the Best Gay Hookup Apps

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gay dating appGay Hookup apps are a tool for good in this world. If you live in a small, conservative town, they may even be essential. And, there is no shortage of different gay sex apps to pair you with an ideal partner. Not to be confused with gay dating apps, gay hookup apps exist expressly to get you sweet, sweet sexy time. So, put on your “I’m feeling lucky” undies and let me shed some light on how to find the best gay hookup apps.


First things first, be honest with yourself and make sure you’re looking for strictly hookups. Don’t be that dude who gets attached after a casual hookup. That’s not a good look on anyone. If you don’t think you can be fully carefree, consider joining a  dating platform instead. Now, you’re confident you can get sexy with no strings attached, there are several hookup apps that have tons of users and my advice to you would be go with one of the larger apps first and then try more niche hookup apps later. Adam4Adam, ManPlay and OutPersonals are all good starting points.

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Look for the nudes. In my opinion, the hallmark of a great hookup app is the app’s policy to allow nude photos and videos. apps that don’t allow the coveted nude selfie are less fun. More restrictions equal less fun! Make sure a gay hookup app allows nudity. Also, if the app allows nudity and you’re not seeing a lot of it, you should probably switch apps. You don’t want stuck up, buttoned up, boring guys, right? You want a guy who’s willing to put himself out there and wants to have a great time. All this to say, go with the guys who post the nudes.

Usability is really important to an effective gay hookup app. Ask yourself these questions: Is the app easy to navigate? Is the app’s homescreen too busy or distracting? How easy is it to set up my profile? Everyone’s time is valuable and you don’t want to get bogged down with a hookup app that’s doing too little or in most cases, too much. Look for apps that are super easy to use and that will help you from getting stressed or apprehensive about a hookup. Hooking up with guys is simple and the gay hookup app you chose should be the same.

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Like any social media platform, gay hookup apps are inherently competitive. Guys trying to lead leaderboards for their hotness or who have the most profile views might take pride in their “accomplishments,” but in reality it doesn’t really matter. Popularity contest should have ended in high school. Be sure not to take anything too personally and do not get discouraged by catty gays trying to ruin your hustle. Stay confident and open-minded. Steer clear of hookup apps that have leaderboards or anything of the sort. You’re being your best self and as long as you know that and exude it, you’ll thrive on a gay hookup app.


Doing some research before you become a paid member of a hookup platform will serve you well. Afterall, you don’t want to waste money on something you don’t enjoy. I recommend reading reviews of hookup apps as well as other voices in the gay community who are active on them. Each hookup platform is different with their own vibe, following and fans. Reading user reviews and ratings are the best way to gauge if you’ll end up liking a particular app.

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Although doing your homework is important, at the end of the day you’re going to have to be the judge. The best way for you to find your hookup app match is to try a couple. Be a doer, take a risk and find yourself a nice piece to have some kinky fun with right away. There are hundreds of queer hookup apps for all sorts of people. I would start with some of the bigger apps, especially if you live in a small town. Then, you can try some of the smaller apps that cater to a niche group. There are apps for bears, twinks, pigs, bdsm, etc. That’s not to say you won’t be able to find all of those on a big platform like Grindr, but if you do have a particular kink, I would give it a thought.


Okay my gay, you’re all set to figure out how to research and find the best gay hookup apps. I hope you’re horny and excited to get started. March on queer soldiers!