How To Propose A Girl – 25 Unique Ways

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Young coupleThere are so many ways on how to propose a girl and get accepted.. So, I am here to tell you 25 unique ways that will surely gonna work!

How To Propose A Girl

In this post, I am gonna tell you the ideas on how to propose a girl.. If you try these methods on any random girl, then you’ll surely gonna be rejected.. Firstly, you should learn – how to attract a girl. Go on a first date with her and learn – how to make a girl laugh.

After these things, you can go for the things that I am going to mention in this post..

1. Propose with flowers – This is one of the loveliest and the oldest way to propose a girl. But this is one of the most effective way that works like a charm.

2. Put your arm around her – Girls love this way when any of their close friend cares for them. You can put your arm around her while she’s sitting next to you or while you both are walking side by side.. You can tell her that you love her the most..

3. Caress her – Another way of showing her that you care for her is just by caressing her hair with your hand. Girls love to feel the touch of their loved ones.

4. Praise her in front of others – Let your crush (or the girl you love) hear you praising her in front of other people. She will surely feel proud to be your girlfriend. And yea, this is the right time to say her.

5. Praise her to her face – Tell your lover that you appreciate all that she does and the love that she shows to you.

6. Take her on a surprise date – Girls love surprises.. Take your girlfriend out for a night on a romantic place and I am sure, she’ll never forget..

7. Buy her a feminine gift – Buy your girlfriend a gift that will make her feel feminine.. You must know about her favorite perfume, or even you can gift her a dress that she would love to wear it when she’s with you.

8. Leave candy for her to find – Girls love chocolates! So, what you have to do is to leave a box of candies in her car or keep a little box in her bag and let her find it. Don’t forget to tuck a little “I Love You” note inside to increase the effect.

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9. Don’t tease her while she’s getting ready – Girls always want to look nice! So, instead of talking about how much time she spends on getting ready.. Tell her that the time she spends on looking beautiful for you is worth.

10. Kiss her for at least 5 seconds – Give her a kiss that will stay with her all day! Kissing your girlfriend for at least 5 seconds will not take that long.. But, yeah, she will remember that kiss throughout her lifetime.

11. Hold Hands – Girls feel special when their partner hold their hand. Holding her hand is just a simple gesture, but it goes a long way.

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12. Post a letter – You might be thinking that this is time for E-mail or a text message.. But, getting a letter in the mailbox addressed to her from you is just too romantic.. Tell her how much you love her..

13. Make her remember your first date – Tell your girlfriend that you’re taking her out and make her remember your first date! She’ll surely love to recollect those lovable memories.

14. Dedicate a song to her – In college events, I have seen many guys dedicating a romantic song to the girl they love.. And yea, this works too! Another way is dedicating a song for her is to call a radio station, tell them why she is important to you and her name.. When she’ll listen to that song, she will start loving you more

15. Communicate with her – Just keep on communicating with her.. Tell her about your day.. Ask her how’s her day going on.. Talk about anything she is always fond of.. Just communicate!

16. Whisper in her ear – Get close to her and whisper those sweet words of love in her ear. Try whispering something about your private love life in a public place and watch her blush!

17. Propose her on special occasions – Some of the special occasions are – her birthday, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day.. You should spend time with her on these days.. If she loves your company that means you really mean lot to her.. And this is the right time to propose her.

18. Look deep into her eyes – While talking to your girlfriend, look her straight in the eyes while cupping her face in your hand. She may feel shy and try to look away, but don’t confuse this by thinking she don’t like it. And, say what you really feel for her.

19. Write a love poem for her – Put your romantic thoughts into a rhyme that your girlfriend will cherish forever! I know you’re not a poet. But, you can write down your feelings the best you can, she’ll love it!

20. Play a game together – Playing games together will bring both of you more closer to each other.. You can play any board game or any other game which she loves to play! And yea, if she beats you, don’t say – “I just let you win”.


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21. Take her to a romantic play – In this era, all the guys are taking their girlfriend to a romantic movie! Now, stop following others.. You should skip the movie and head out to a theatrical play. She will surely love it.. And then, you can say what you feel for her after the play..

22. Leave love notes in strange places – Surprise your girlfriend by leaving love notes in strange places.. You can put inside her favorite CD, inside her make-up kit and any other place that you know she will surely see it.

23. Let her cry – Every girl needs a good cry.. So, don’t make fun of her or don’t get irritated at her. This will just make everything worse.. Take her in your arms and hold her until everything is better. This may be the very thing she needed anyway.

24. Keep flirting – Flirt with your girlfriend each day! Wink at her from across the room, whistle at her, or give her “that look”. And yea, WATCH HER CHEEKS GET ROSY.

25. Just Say the words – You should tell a girl you love her. Keep saying it everyday.. Even, several times a day.

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