How to Win an Italian Girl?

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Italian GirlItalian women: what’s so different about them?

Even if you’ve experienced dozens of dates with different women, an Italian one will definitely stand out. They’re spicy, passionate and unforgettable, always in for a flirting thrill. If one of them caught your attention, arm yourself with some basic but still essential information about their temperament:

  1. Overwhelming passion

Italians are famous for their hot temperament and they know about it. Italian girls say they probably take things too close to their hearts and sometimes overreact, but isn’t it something we love about them? A hot-blooded woman that’s not afraid of a decent fight attracts much more than a calm breeze of static emotion.

Even if your lady looks innocent enough, be aware that in case of a conflict she’s going to attack, and you’ll find no shelter from her wrath. On the other hand, girls in Italia have huge hearts, they’re always ready to help and support, but Heavens forbid that you ever take advantage of their kindness!

  1. Food, Family & Friends

If you’ve ever been to Italy, you probably noticed that food is the essence of their lives! Italians eat a lot, they love cooking and pretty good at it. In order to get along with Italian girls, you should be prepared for long meals, conversations about food, and of course family meetings!

Italians are pretty family-oriented, they often gather for parties, picnics or just some cocktails and chatting. If you’re invited to such an event, you can be sure that your woman is serious about your relationships. Appreciate it, be nice to her family and she’ll pay back for sure.

  1. Beautiful inside and out

Hot Italian girls are famous for their curvy figures and sexy appearance in general. However, they appreciate when men dig deeper into their nature, since Italian girls are extremely confident and kind-hearted. See a personality, respect her for who she is and you’ll have much more to love in no time.

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Key to the Italian lady’s heart

Most Italian girls living abroad have to go through some kind of a culture shock, especially when it comes to relationships. Western men are so different from the Italians that sometimes women avoid even dating foreigners. What’s the problem with western men? That’s what Italian women think about them:

  • Western men are more into sports than the Italian ones. They go to the gym pretty often and in general they look more neat, athletic and masculine. It makes Italian girls so excited about dating them unless and until… the date day comes.
  • Some ladies describe their dates with foreigners as complete disasters. They spend a lot of time to prepare the outfit, do the make-up and look brilliant, while western men can come to the date wearing slippers and beach shorts. It literally pisses off Italian women! The lack of courtship skills is one of the cultural gaps that’re difficult for them to work out. In Italia dating is a quest with an erotic grand-prix at the end of the flirtatious game. The thing is to enjoy every minute of it, put much effort to get your prize and win the chase. Italian men can do ridiculous things just to win a lady’s attention while western are just uninterested in the game itself.

What’s the point of telling you all this? In order to win a hot Italian heart (and probably more) you should be more enthusiastic, more skillful in the courtship game that hot Italian girls are so into! Flowers, restaurants, serenades and all the classical tricks can definitely work to catch a beautiful Italian butterfly. Be dressed neatly and stylish, think before you say something, be courteous and interested in the chase game, and your lady will give you a thousand times more passion, dedication and unforgettable experience.

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A perfect date: tips & tricks you wish you knew before

It’s not a secret that most men are terrible at flirting, while ladies really need it to enjoy the whole dating thing. Here’re some tips and tricks on how to behave and catch your woman’s attention:

  • Curiosity

Be interested in her, ask questions and listen carefully. Show her that you care enough about her interests and life. Every woman and person, in general, will appreciate it.

  • Have your own life

It’s important to have stuff going on in your own life. If asked about your interests or passions, be enthusiastic even if there’s nothing exciting going on. Make it up and make it interesting.

  • Appearance

… means a lot. Show some effort, dress up nicely, get a haircut and take care of yourself.

  • Make her laugh

Women value a good sense of humor and can forgive you some minor fails if you can throw in a good joke. Warning, do not make fun of someone, no rudeness or mocking. Just be funny in a good way.

Hope this short list of tips and tricks together with the small guide on Italian women will help you put a good fight for her lady’s heart and win the greatest prize you’ve ever dreamed of!

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