Internet- new place for love hunt.

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internetcoupleI am wondering is it really possible finding your love through the regular post office or by using the modern internet. Isn’t it something virtual and not existing?  Some of my friends kept telling me that it is some chasing of my own virtual ghosts, ghosts of men that do not exist in the world and which i created on my own by using my brain. And as a result i won’t be ever able to meet a man like that.

The good thing is that i am a very stubborn person who kept believing in a dream, and one day it come true for me, that is why i advice not paying attention to pessimists, meeting online by means of internet is a very interesting thing, simply for gaining success in the online dating it is important to keep in memory one rule- ” you need to always be yourself, not putting on some masks, but be yourself and following your aims, in this case the successful looking for a soul mate will become your real task, real to accomplish but a very difficult though. The new happy couple, who met by means of internet, is always a couple that has some difficulties, due to difference in cultures, in the place of birth and etc, but still they are together, and for them that is the only thing that matters.

So here i am offering a brand new way to meet the second half, it is a nice and safe way for the virtual love affair, which was made up by my friend Carina. This way is all about pleasant time spending around people who are interesting to you, and are close by their soul? An example of a marvelous realization of this system was shown by Carina itself. She entered internet and introduced the keyword search, something like “French musicians” or something like that, well that theme was important to her as she graduated the music school. Her pleasant physical appearance was not outstanding at all, and she was far away from being twenty five years old, but she still had a lot of troubles with personal life. Her last hope was experimenting all of the options that the internet can provide.

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So after Carina’s success I realized that “hunting” for French bachelors is not that difficult as it seems, and internet has provided a great and easy access to their hearts and souls. I cannot say that after her first online request she already had in front of her the list of the willing grooms, but i can say that she got the first list of the needed links. So she sent a few letters, some of them she told that they have a great website, and the other ones she told the genuine critics for their art, and to some of them she opened her soul. All the communication later was through correspondence in English language,Portrait of happy young couple putting coin in piggy bank

Most connected Carina felt to Jean Luc, that is why after exchanging letters for a few months they decided to meet in person, and Jean Luc invited her to visit him in Paris. Carina was very stressed during the flight as she was so afraid to let go of her dream that soon she will meet him in person, she will meet him, the one she thinks will become her future, that is why she was worried that during a personal meeting they might disappoint each other or even the worse, that she will disappoint him, but everything well in the best possible way. At the beginning she thought she saw some small disappointment, but it all went away as soon as she met his mother, and she totally loved her. That is why very soon the forty years old Jean Luc, who seemed to be totally under the influence of his mother, has proposed Carina, and eventually she said “yes”.

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Since their wedding almost three years has passed, Carina has born a daughter, Charlotte, and little by little is planning to get back to work soon. They have a very happy family.