Looking for a Russian Wife? Show Her You are For Real

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When starting on-line dating, every person has his/her fears about this sort of dating. Nobody wants to be taken advantage of and nobody likes to be scammed. Bad news really sells well around the globe today.

A widely spread stereotype in a Western world about Russian women is that Russian women looking for their husband abroad are just gold-diggers, who care for your money and country. You will be surprised when you learn that Western men looking for their Russian wives on on-line dating sites are considered unemployed, sexually unfit or having mental and other problems. Many Russian women are said to travel abroad to face mistreatment and abuse. Yes, these rumors are circling in a Russian society.

So, you need to be sure of the potential fears your Russian bride can have. Don’t tell her you have this, this and that? Show her! Actions speak louder than words. If you write you have a sense of humor, use it! Show you are for real! Show her you are indeed interested in her and have serious intentions leading to marriage. Russian women prefer serious men in this respect, as they don’t agree for casual fling, but a serious, harmonious stable life-time relationship.

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If you are interested in keeping your Slavic bride and look at her as your future wife, tell her this and strengthen your words with your deeds. Don’t just tell things. It will never work! There is a famous Russian proverb “who speaks the most, does the least”, so don’t follow it as it is a wrong way that won’t lead you anywhere. How can a Russian lady leave her country, home, family and friends behind for a person she is not sure about? So, prove her you are the one for her, hers one and only and she will follow you even to the end of the world!