Paul, owner of a small furniture store in Minnesota, thirty two years old

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russiangirlaI vote for the good and old America, there in the families were not less than three- four children growing, and women were not working at all, or were doing a small career like my mother who is a librarian. I cannot imagine how a woman can become successful in the business sphere and at the same time to be able to lead the house and raise children. I am thirty two years old, and i hope i will meet an intelligent woman with a big heart, who likes living in a house near to the ocean and raising children we will create together. Unfortunately i was not able to find such a woman in the United States. As all the smart and developed women (i cannot imagine myself being with another type of a woman) desire a successful career.

I think it is not very nice saying that Russian women are more interesting and beautiful than American ones, or the opposite. We simply live in different circumstances. American women often do not allow their men to rule in the family, that is why a lot of men are looking for a wife from Eastern Europe, in order to have enough time and freedom to work, to support their woman while she is creating comfortable and cozy life for them in the house and takes care of their children. What can be possibly better than a strong and bounded family? I spent a lot of time with Russian families, went to family holidays and it is amazing how strong their family bounds are. In one house can easily live in harmony three generations of people, because it is too expensive to live an independent life. And those people still are able to treat each other with great love and respect. I guess this is something we should learn from them.


I disagree with the variety of stereotypes that American men have concerning Russian women, as the majority of them are gathered from the movies. “Exotic Russian woman is seducing an American spy who is trying to steal top secret plans of a new underwater submarine. Or “rich American sees a poor Russian girl, and being lead by the fact he is sorry for her ( as eventually she cannot afford even a heater at home) marries her and brings her to New York, where he brings her to his luxurious apartment and buys her a brand new car. Or the movies where Russian women wear weird hats, are amazingly beautiful eat chicken soup and drink during one time more vodka than an American man drinks during the year, they ¬†demand money and American passport from you, and demand attention and hippity hopping around her, and eventually she is a secret agent as well. Enough examples of stereotypes i guess?

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If i were asked ten years ago if it is possible the marriage between me and a woman from Eastern Europe than my answer would have been no. But now the world has changed completely. Now i believe that serious relationship and marriage is possible for me only between me and the “right” woman from Eastern Europe.