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main features of Russian womenA lot of foreign men wonder “What are Russian women? What is so special about them”. If you really want to find the answer for this question, you should make some efforts. Russian ladies are very sensitive and kind creatures, who are ready to bring you all their love and care. If you want to marry such a woman, you should learn some information about the culture and country, where the girl lives, few facts about mentality and only then you will understand Russian woman.

  • Become absolutely ideal for all is impossible. However, Russian women try to become as ideal as it is possible. These ladies do all their best to become unique and fantastic for men. First of all, they love themselves with all their advantages and disadvantages. Confident woman with even a minimal make-up and a simple dress will look good. If it happens that she does not have the luxury appearance, but is so confident in her appeal she will surely win the man’s heart.
  • In order to be attractive for the men all the time, Russian women constantly develop themselves, have their own hobbies, make their lives rich and interesting. They read a lot and are aware of what is happening in their country and the in world at general.
  • Russians try to find their own style. Women try to look feminine even if they wear jeans and T-shirts. Their clothes highlight all the advantages of the figure, but at the same time are not very vulgar. Russian ladies do not forget to monitor their appearance – nails, hair, skin. They take time to visit the fitness center or are practicing at home. It is possible to say that they are not skinny, but in good shape.
  • Russian women are able to express less hostility and anger, especially in the presence of men. They are delicate and sensitive, do not accept rudeness and insults. Even if the girl is very clever, she does not show her superiority over man, because she knows that there is no need to put him in an awkward situation. Slavic women do note talk nonsense, they listen to their interlocutor, show genuine interest in what he says. Woman surrounds a man with care, respect and also she understands his views.Russian ladies
  • It is believed that women are illogical and extremely emotional creature, but have good intuition. Men on the contrary are logical and consistent in their actions and judgments and have analytical mind. But there are examples that refute these arguments. In Russian you can meet a lot of women who have serious analytical jobs and successful careers. There is one more popular “belief” that women are stupid, are not able to think properly, and their logic is not beyond comprehension and explanation. But this is just a silly stereotype. Russian women are not only beautiful but also smart. They get higher education (one or two), find jobs, read books and develop themselves all the time.
  • Russian beauties are great hostesses. Skillful housewife always cooks tasty and delicious dishes, that’s why such women are so appreciated by men. The girl must be versatile developed, unable to do a lot about the house.
  • The ability to help and support a man is one more advantage. Although men are considered to be stronger sex. Sometimes this is not so. They also want the women’s warmth, attention and support, so Russian girls know when to cheer the man and bring him all attention and care.
  • Enthusiasm and optimism – are an integral part of Russian ladies. Any man wants to see always sad and depressed spouse. That’s why these women are cheerful, happy, with great sense of humor.

These are the main features of Russian women. If you want to know more, you should visit our website