Tips for Dating in Russia

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Tips for Dating in RussiaIt’s no secret that Russian women are very popular in the Western countries. Men spend a lot of time and make a lot of efforts to find beautiful Russian women. Actually, this is not surprising, as Slavic girls are famous with their beauty and charm. Moreover they are very tolerant and kind.

But there is a problem, a lot of guys do not know how to date with Russian woman, as they know almost nothing about the country, its customs and traditions. In this article you will learn how to date Russian girls, how to start and what you need to do. In fact, everything is easier than you can imagine and very soon you will use these tips in practice.

Russia is a historically focused country. It is standing on the basis of Orthodox values and preserves spiritual life and traditions. Historical and political transformations, surely have impact on the character and mentality of the Russian people. In order to understand the “mysterious Russian soul“, it is necessary to make some efforts.

The main features of the Russian people are compassion, mercy. Many people and companies actively help those people who are in need. Russian people transfer money to the needs of old men, even children and animals. Also they actively help the victims of disasters. Among the best qualities of the Russian woman are: respect for parents, interest in the family and well-being of children.

To win the heart of Russian beauty you need to focus on her heart and feelings. Probably you are not the most handsome man in the world, probably you don’t have a lot of money, but if you gain girl’s heart, she will be ready to go for you wherever you want.Dating in Russia

  1. Be romantic man, don’t push on girl. Well, it’s not a secret that dating includes not only serious relationships but also sex. But if every time you see the girl you try choose some sexual themes, you’ll look too desperate and even impudent man. You need to gain girls heart and soul with some romantic deeds and affairs, and after this she will probably let you spend time with her in the bed. It means that you need more patience, more freedom of communication and some jokes and couple of hints. Russian girl must understand your desire, but should not see them.
  2. The girl prefers to visit some beloved places than just to go to the ordinary cinema or café. If you usually walk with the girls in the park and sit in the cafe, it does not mean that you have to do the same with Russian woman. Spend some time getting to know her interests. This is one of the best ways to conquer the women. Just talk to her and find out how she like spending free time, what she is interested in, what her hobbies and what annoys her. For example, if a girl prefer hiking it is better to go to the park or to the forest than just co to movie or sit in the café.
  3. Choose the right compliments. The best compliment for every Russian woman is: “You’re so beautiful.” Everything else sounds lascivious, or describes only some specific quality of the girl. You should notice that beauty is always the part of the Russian girl, and it doesn’t matter what she wears. There is no need to describe woman with big poems, just couple of pleasant words will be enough. They will sounds more sincere than thousands of empty compliments.
  4. Never compare Russian woman with ex-girlfriends. Surely, sometimes different girls can behave similar. But each woman is unique, and you should not compare them with each other. Whatever happens, be silent and be a gentleman. Forget about your past and try to build brilliant future.

These small tips will help you to find your love in Russia with beautiful and devoted women. Dating in Russia is possible, just make some efforts.