Visiting Russian Homes and Families

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You are ready to travel to the lady you have been corresponding and decided to meet. Great! However, be careful accepting her invitation to her family. If you are not sure about seriousness of your intentions, you better find a reason not to visit. Why? Family ties are very strong in Russia and children usually introduce future spouses this way, so your visit can be interpreted as intention to propose.

Never walk into the flat into your street shoes. Russians change their street shoes for slippers. You would be suggested a pair of slippers, but a good idea is to take your own slippers in a bag. The condition of many apartments in Russia is run-down, so get ready for this.

If your Russian bride has her own apartment, never pressure her to let you stay there overnight. Be respectful to her traditional attitude about sex if you are serious about her. She will appreciate your gallant behavior. If a lady initiates a sexual contact with you, be careful, as if she is not a traditional lady, you maybe at the risk of sexual infection or get into a pregnancy trap for marriage. Some women would feel they need to spend the night with you in order not to lose you. If this is the case, talk to her and explain, you respect her, your intentions are serious and you care for her and don’t see her as a sexual object only. She will appreciate this and value you even more.

Being invited to a flat, don’t ‘tour’ it on your own. If you need a bathroom, ask your host to show you to the room. Never open refrigerator, but always ask a host for what you want.


Don’t use a toothpick at the table, you better go into a bathroom and clean your teeth there.

Never put your feet on the table, it is an unacceptable behavior for Russians.

At the table try not to talk about money matters and investments, politics and religion; also be careful with jokes as Russian and Western humor differs a lot.

It is a good tone not to overstay your visit.

Best Russian wife.