What is the Marriage Basis for Russian Women?

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In accordance to statistics the basis for men to marry is love and women look for benefits before marrying. However it doesn’t mean at all that Russian women are mercenary concerning relationships. According to the same statistics when Russian women are to choose before to marry between money and love, they prefer love. There are cases when Russian women don’t love, but feel deep sympathy and the partner is very promising in regards of potential marriage, Russian women may agree to marry.

Russian women can also get married out of respect, good sexual relation, sometimes even if they two are indifferent to each other, but are able to live in agreement. Speaking about love and judging about it as a main reason of marriage, one needs to bare in mind that love is seen and percept differently by different people. That is why no one can say if this or that marriage was build on love or not, but everyone can look into his/her soul an decide for himself what the reasons for his/her marriage were.
Love is a great start for marriage, but love itself is a very fragile and unpredictable feeling that can disappear suddenly. A person always gains in some matters if marries wittingly.
However, does it really matter what the basis of a marriage is when two partners are happy together? It is impossible to count how much of love, partnership, friendship, sexual relationship or material enrichment aspirations is in a marriage. It is difficult to distinguish how much trust love and desire to each other the two partners have, so it just doesn’t make sense to analyze if the marriage was born out of love or simple convenience.

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