Why women who raise children alone are a good choice of wife (withchild.us)

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Single momsThere are different situations in life and people make different choices. It is a pretty common occurrence that women raise their children alone. Fortunately women know that being a single mom as a result of divorce or unplanned pregnancy is not the end of days and certainly not the end of the private life. Single moms are women too and they have the same needs and desires.

For some categories of men, single moms may just as well be the ideal candidate for wife. There are several reasons for that statement to be true:

A single mom is battle-hardened. 

A single mom likely means a universal soldier, albeit unwillingly (having to deal with lots of things at once at the most inappropriate of times? Daily routine to her). Basically that means she is used to far worse things than those that seem important to you. And vice versa. What may sound a normal occurrence to her may be a shock to your system. She’s a seasoned vet in terms of coping with all kinds of surprises, and the jack of all trades. And that’s why she rules. Not running scared yet?

A single mom is used to being alone, but has learnt to make this time a quality time.

That says it all. And in that she’s unlike any of your previous sweethearts. She won’t be pestering you because you need personal time and space because she respects privacy and knows perfectly well what it means to have that luxury. But be prepared that she will expect the same from you because in becoming a single mom she became a very independent person.about a single mom

Single moms are capable of loving stronger and deeper than any other women.

Having a baby factors in the intensity and depth of her love. Truly, madly, deeply – that’s all about a single mom. Children teach you how to love selflessly and unconditionally, so if she loves her kids – rest assured, she’ll be able to love you to bits and be the best partner you’ve ever had. IF you give your all, that is.

Single mothers can be very very very sexy.

Don’t pay attention to what kind of woman she is while she’s with her children. Wait till the moment you truly are alone together (that might not be so soon, sure, but it WILL happen eventually, just be patient). A totally different woman may stand in front of you, starting from her clothes and looks and to her demeanor. She might be full of surprises. And boy, will you learn how hungry she is and how long she waited for that!

A single mom won’t fool your head and drive you crazy with ridiculous stuff.

Another feature that distinguishes her from her child-less peers. She’s been there and she may well have gone through a divorce so she won’t step into a “why don’t I get under his skin for no reason/just to please myself” territory. She’s just a too caring, understanding wise person for doing that just for fun. Besides, that’s just below her dignity. Instead, having been through one broken relationship already, she is more likely to be focused on creating a healthy environment for herself, her partner and eventually for her children.

Single moms just don’t mess around.

They are very assured about what kind of man they want beside them. After all, this may affect their kids directly so she is going to come down to that point pretty seriously. There’s already a number of tips for dating a single mom out there. We would additionally advise going for a more formal, traditional way with her, but first maybe trying to amaze her with some old-time practice, like writing her a letter first

If you’ve managed to gain trust of a single mom, then it probably says something about what kind of character you are. They often wear their hearts on their sleeves so you should cherish what you built with her.